Grants Request for Proposals

Grant Application

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Annually the Franklin-Randall PTO funds grant applications for the Franklin-Randall community. Applications may come from students, staff, parents and community members. The budget for 2018-19 is $6,000. We hope to award several grants from the funds available and request that applicants limit their budget requests to $1,000. Grant requests should align with the Franklin-Randall PTO bylaws which include the following objectives (please note, grant applications do not need to align with all bylaws):

  • To encourage close and effective relationships among Franklin-Randall children, parents, schools, and the community.
  • To develop united efforts among parents, teachers, administrators, children, and the general public to secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, intellectual and social education.
  • To sponsor and promote involvement in events and programs that encourage a sense of community both within each campus school, and among the communities of Franklin and Randall Schools and their surrounding neighborhoods.
  • To promote continuity between Franklin and Randall schools.


All grant requests should be for programs, projects or materials that enhance Franklin and Randall schools. Priority will be given to grant applications that:

  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Address a specific need of the Franklin-Randall community (see below).
  • Benefit a large number of Franklin-Randall students.
  • Address closing the achievement gap in the Franklin-Randall community.
  • Have no other avenue for funding (district, school, corporate, parent, etc.)
  • Are innovative and introduce an initiative not already present in our schools.
  • Have matching funds from other sources.
  • Have letters of support for the project.
  • Proposal led by a current student or students.

Qualifications and Eligibility

  • Any student, parent, teacher, staff or community member who is a member of the Franklin-Randall PTO may submit an application. A student application must be co-sponsored by a Franklin-Randall employee.
  • In order to assess each grant request fairly, the person or persons requesting the grant are welcome to be present at the grant committee meeting and/or PTO board meeting at which the grant application is reviewed.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • If the request is identical or very similar to a previously funded project, prior success and ongoing need must be demonstrated.
  • Each school has technology funding separate from the PTO grants, and any technology funding must have applied for funding through that fund prior to requesting a PTO grant.
  • For any application that proposes a project or intervention in a curriculum or in the classroom, a letter of support from the classroom teacher is required.
  • Grants should be spent over the course of one year.

Grants Process

There is already PTO funding sent aside for cultural arts, technology funding, art and music classes. Please check with the principals about the ability to use these funds prior to submitting a grant.

Grants must be submitted by the due date above at this website. Late applications will not be considered. All grants applications that conform to the grant guidelines and submission instructions will be considered. Submitters will be notified of the status of their grant within one week of the final PTO approval meeting. The rubric used to evaluate the grants is attached to this request for proposals.

Letters of support should be scanned and/or emailed to the grants coordinators at by November 4, 2018.

Items purchased with PTO funds that remain after the grant has been completed will remain at Franklin-Randall schools or returned to the PTO unless the PTO board approves other arrangements.

Once a grant is approved, grant recipients must submit receipts for reimbursement to the treasurer of the PTO by June 30th, 2019. After June 30th, the unused money will roll into the following year’s PTO funds unless grant recipients submit a special request to the PTO to extend the deadline. Grant money will only be dispersed for expenses outlined on approved grant application.

Accounting for the grant in the form of a brief presentation in person OR a picture and written follow-up, to be submitted for review at one of the last PTO Board meetings, will be required. Failure to submit this may affect future funding eligibility.

Questions? Please email

Franklin-Randall Parent Teacher Organization
Grant Review Rubric

Dear Committee Members,
Please fill out this form after reviewing the grant proposals.  Download form.

Project Title:

Applicant Name(s) and Title(s):

Please fill out the following chart based on your review of each proposal. Points may be awarded in any amount up to the maximum for each category. Please be sure to include summary comments or questions at the end.

All categories should be scored on a 1-4 scale:

1 – does not meet criteria; 2 – meets criteria; 3 – exceeds criteria; 4 – greatly exceeds criteria  

   Score Comments/Concerns
Description of Project or Need
Meets stated PTO funding priorities    
Does the project introduce a new and innovative idea to our schools    
Will the project make a big impact on the target population    


   Score Comments/Concerns
Evaluation Methods
Describes an appropriate plan/project with measures for evaluation    
Includes a letter of support  
Student project    


   Score Comments/Concerns
Justification sufficiently explains each budget item and why each is necessary for implementing project    
The budget and justification, together, have a strong correlation with the project’s goals, objectives and activities    
Is the project achievable with the budget described    
Project receives matching support or has no other avenue of support    

Total Score (sum of subtotals above)_________________

Summary Remarks
Strengths/Pros Weaknesses/Cons

To be filled out at the grants subcommittee meeting:

Committee Actions:

__ This grant was recommended for full funding.

__ This grant was recommended for partial funding. Amount ___

__ This grant was not recommended for funding.

__ This is a fundable grant; however this was a competitive year and it was not chosen.
__ The committee encourages applicant to re-submit next cycle after strengthening the items marked above.

Committee Member to follow-up with Applicant(s):