About the PTO

All parents and caregivers with a student at Franklin or Randall are part of the PTO, along with the principals, teachers and educational support staff of these schools.

Our Goals

  • To encourage close and effective relationships among Franklin Randall children, parents, schools, and the community
  • To provide a forum through which parents, teachers, and administrators can communicate
  • To develop united efforts among parents, teachers, administrators, children, and the general public to secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, intellectual, and social education
  • To sponsor and promote involvement in events and programs that encourage a sense of community both within each campus school, and among the communities of Franklin and Randall Schools and their surrounding neighborhoods
  • To raise and contribute monies to support programs and projects that enhance Franklin and Randall Schools, their communities, and relationships with their neighborhoods
  • To promote continuity between Franklin and Randall Schools

Why participate in the PTO? 

  • Inform yourself about what’s going on at school
  • Voice your opinion about our children’s education
  • Improve and expand our children’s educational opportunities
  • Connect with other parents and staff
  • Build a stronger, healthier community!

The easiest and best way to stay connected is to read our twice monthly PTO email newsletters and to join our PTO Google Group and/or PTO Facebook Group. Try attending a PTO Meeting too! It’s a great way to meet engaged parents and staff.

Parent Empowerment Groups (PEG)

The PTO supports three parent empowerment groups: Hmong, Latino and African American. These groups provide families with a venue to connect with the school community and gain information related to school, and to form connections with each other and the school staff. The groups also serve as a forum to educate and share information that empowers parents to be active and well informed.