Influenza Information from Nurse Lovell

INFLUENZA is here!

Influenza (also known as “the flu”) is going around Wisconsin.  Symptoms can include a quick onset of fever, fatigue, stuffy nose, sore throat, and cough, among other things.  People tend to feel more miserable than with a common cold.  Influenza does not cause vomiting (“gastroenteritis” which is sometimes mistakenly called “the stomach flu” causes vomiting).

The best way to reduce a person’s risk of getting the flu is by getting the FLU VACCINE.  The FLU SHOT CANNOT GIVE YOU THE FLU.  It’s NOT TOO LATE TO GET THE FLU VACCINE.   However, the vaccine takes about 2 weeks to work fully.

The flu is very contagious.  It is spread by droplets in the air or direct contact.  Remind your child to COVER their mouth (with the inside of an elbow) when they cough or sneeze.  WASH HANDS frequently with liquid sanitizer (use the size of a quarter) or good ol’ soap and water (scrub for at least 20 seconds = two rounds of the “Happy Birthday” song).   Please KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME WHEN THEY’RE SICK with flu symptoms.

Good luck!  Hope you all stay as healthy as possible!

Cindy   “Nurse Lovell”

¡La INFLUENZA ha llegado!

Influenza, comunmente conocida como gripe, ha llegado a Wisconsin. Algunos de los síntomas son, fiebre, cansancio, congestión, dolor de garganta y toz. La gripe no causa vómito.

La manera más fácil de evitar que le pegue la gripe es vacunándose contra la gripe. Aún es tiempo. La vacuna toma unas dos semanas para surtir efecto.

La gripe es muy contagiosa. Recuérdele a su hijo(a) el cubrirse con su brazo la boca y naríz al tocer y estornudar. Lavarse bien las manos seguido con jabón común o antibacterial o usar gel antibacterial.  Dejen a su hijo(a) en casa cuando presente síntomas de la gripe. Comuníquese a la escuela para avisar.

¡Manténganse sanos!

Cindy  “Nurse Lovell”