Latino Parent Empowerment Group Meeting REPORT May 2023

We had a large crowd at our April 2023 meeting! 80% of the Latino PEG families attended. As requested by the parents at our previous meeting, Bullying was the topic of choice.

 Franklin/Randall PEG Anti-Bullying Presentation…

We started this discussion referring to our school focus: kindness, respect, safety. Then moved on to inform the parents about the community building and anti-bullying lessons and practices at Franklin/Randall. The presentation ended with a clear definition of what bullying is, and what it is not. We will continue with this topic in the fall, since it is an issue of much interest. Parents are very disappointed about how middle and high schools handle bullying incidents. Some families expressed having bad experiences at other elementary schools as well. They wished all MMSD schools followed the same anti-bullying curriculum and practices. Parents would like to see all MMSD schools provide clear information to the parents on this topic. They think it is imperative for ALL schools to have Latino Parent meetings where these topics of interest are presented and discussed and where parents are given the necessary information and tools to advocate for their children. It was suggested we all go talk to the Board of Education at one of the public hearing sessions. ¡UNIDOS SE HACE LA FUERZA!

To finish up, we helped parents fill out Goodman Pool Scholarship applications. Hopefully they all get approved for some summer fun passes!

The food and excitement was waiting for us in the gym! We all had a pizza meal together. Cake and ice cream were served in celebration of Children’s Day (April 30). Then, moved on to play La Lotería! One could sense the level of anticipation as the Lotería cards were read! Oh what a thrill! 😃 😃 😃 😃 Families socialized, laughed and had a great time! Kids loved their prizes and the opportunity to play together!