Latino Parent Group Meeting Report

March 2018

TOPIC: But Really, How is My Child Doing in School?
Excellent attendance! Only 4 families were not able to come to the meeting.

We reviewed and helped parents understand their child’s individual…
ACCESS Scores (English Language Proficiency)
Report Card
MAP Math Scores
MAP Reading Scores
Mondo Level
Progress charts and graphs

We explained the different tools used to measure progress, and the things teachers consider when filling out Report Cards.

Support systems at school
Besides regular core instruction, MMSD schools have other programs in place to assist those students who need extra help. We talked about small group instruction, teacher interventions, Reading Recovery, ESL support, Lexia, SSIT, Special Education, and Summer School.

Support outside of school
We talked about our partnership with 3 of our community centers: Bayview, Neighborhood House and Multicultural Catholic Center (Centro Guadalupe). Many of our Latino students attend these community centers. Parents are encouraged to send their children to these places to get the help they can’t provide at home.

The longest list followed the presentation, the list of home/parent supports, many of which parents are already doing. Latino parents work long hours to provide children their basic needs. They make sure their children sleep well and ready for learning, and keep tardies and absences to a minimum. They attend school meetings and are in constant communication with the school. They praise their children and give them good advice…”listen to your teacher, raise your hand if you don’t understand, be respectful, don’t fight, etc.” I asked them to make sure to talk with their children about their school day and to take the time to tell them stories; to provide them with as many educational experiences as possible, such as library, movies, museums; to supervise reading and math practice or to make sure kids attend the community centers to get help with this.

We know that together, US school, YOU parents, and the COMMUNITY, we can make sure the Latino children are successful! Those were the words that ended the meeting.