Latino Parent Meeting Report for April 2019

April 30th, 2019

Children’s Day

Wow! Where has the year gone?! Hard to believe today we had our last Latino Parent meeting! With the exception of a couple parents, pretty much everyone was here! 28 parents and over 40 kids! Do you think this great turn out had something to do with the fact that we were having a party? Children are our best recruiters! 🙂

Sylla and John mingled and talked with parents before the meeting. John shared one of his stories…you know John 🙂 His story made a connection with the parents and showed them his appreciation for their efforts. It touched all of us deeply. John thank the parents once more for sharing their most precious gift with us, their children. He wished everyone a happy Children’s Day.

Like every year, we helped Latino families fill out scholarship applications for the Goodman Pool. Application package will be going out to Madison City Parks. Keep your fingers crossed for their approval! It is truly the highlight of the childrens’ summer, to be able to enjoy such gorgeous facility!

We welcomed our amazing school nurse, Cindy, for the last time, as she is retiring …snif, snif. She did a brief presentation on Germs! She explained how germs spread, and talked about the importance of washing hands! She did a demonstration on how to wash hands correctly. Cindy cleared some of the myths around child illnesses and she talked about vaccinations. At the end Cindy offered assistance getting health and dental services, medications and glasses. We said goodbye to her with a grateful round of applause for all the years of caring for the Latino children and families! We will miss her dearly!

The gym was waiting for us to have our traditional Dia de los Niños celebration! Every year we get better and better at this! Parents know their posts and kids know the drill. We play an exciting game of La Loteria and children pick a prize as they win. Of course the first ones to win have a better selection! All the kids are anxious waiting for the pictures on their card to be the ones called!

Wonderful to close the year of Latino PEG on such a high note! 🙂