Latino Parent Meeting Report – April 27

We finished the year with a BIG bang! A HUGE group of parents and children attended our last Latino PEG meeting! We all gathered in the LMC to enjoy salad and pizza and to socialize before the meeting. Parents as well as children, young and old, LOVE to come to our meetings!

Meeting started with General Announcements:

-Welcome new K family

-Art Gallery Night at Randall Information

-Randall’s Music Concerts Schedules

-Franklin’s Class Plays Schedules

-MMSD Summer School Registration Confirmation

-Bayview Summer School Information

-Regent Resale Event at West Information

-End of the year picnic information

After announcements parents filled out the Healthy Habits Survey. They also received help filling out scholarship applications for Goodman Pool’s Family Summer Pass. Going to the Goodman pool is the highlight of our Latino students! We have been lucky enough to be approved for scholarships as a group, year after year!

Our traditional Children’s Day Celebration followed the short meeting. We had over 50 children! A record to date! Parents helped their children play La Loteria (a Bingo like game), they served cake and ice cream, and we all enjoyed a fun and wonderful evening as a community!

Children’s Day is celebrated on April 30th in Mexico and some other Latin countries. As promised to the Latino parents by our Randall principal, John Wallace, Randall joined the celebration of Children’s Day for the second year in a row. Randall’s art teacher Kati taught students how to make piñatas, and she hanged them in our hallways. We hope you’ve had a chance to see and enjoy this colorful display! Michelle had Hispanic culture books and artifacts displayed in our library. All classrooms participated in a daily trivia contest related to Hispanic culture for a chance to win a class party. Teachers helped students participate. Congratulations to Ms. Kiefer and Ms. Atwell’s class for winning the contest! To finish the whole week celebration, Randall’s students broke some of the piñatas… and for this we called in the experts! It was wonderful to have some of the Latino parents come and help ESL teachers, Wanda and Brenda with this event! ..and stay a little longer afterwards to play soccer with the students during 5th grade recess! Thank you John for including messages related to Hispanic culture in your morning messages and for reading the trivia contest questions every day. A thank you goes to the parent volunteer who came and filled the piñatas with candy. A very special thank you to ESL teacher, Brenda Hamel for coordinating the Children’s Day festivities at Randall! Thank you to all for celebrating and including the Hispanic culture, and for creating an opportunity for our Latino students to shine and our Latino parents to participate!