The Latino parents are fired up and ready to take on the school year! We had excellent attendance! A couple of the parents were sick and two others were not able to leave work. Nonetheless, we had 82% attendance! Even the mom who last year had a terrible car accident on her way to one of our Latino meetings, came in a wheelchair. Several of the dads helped carry her up the stairs to the LMC so she could participate because our newly installed elevator is not operating yet. We were all so glad to have her back with us!

Hmong and Latino Parent meeting was strategically planned for the same night to make it easier for staff to bounce from one to the other. John and Sylla started their evening at the Latino meeting by socializing with families. They gave a warm welcome to all in Spanish! 🙂 Those teachers that attended were introduced and enjoyed spending time connecting with the parents. The kids “ looove” to see their teachers at the Latino meeting! 🙂

Meeting started with a chorus chant of Las Mañanitas (traditional Mexican birthday song,) to celebrate the birthday of one of our Latino dad’s. He had mentioned it was his birthday but was not going to be able to attend the meeting because he had other plans. However, he was persuaded to attend and we had a surprise for him! The group shared a delicious tres leches cake as they listened attentively to the general announcements.

  • Introduction of new families
  • Important school phone numbers – call to report absences
  • School hours- no supervision before or after hours
  • Field trips – are an extension of what is being taught in the classroom. Sign and return form ASAP. Money is never an issue
  • Communication between school and home – CHECK backpacks, READ the information sent, RETURN what is necessary
  • Snack – each classroom has its own procedure. Send healthy foods! Not too little, not too much! Thanks to our PTO we have extra in case someone forgets.
  • Ways of getting involved in school – PTO, PEG, Volunteer
  • Listen to topics that affect the Latino MMSD school community on La Movida radio the second Thursday of every month! Special thanks to Reyna Reyes and Liz Romero for volunteering to participate in the July program and speaking so highly of our school!
  • Conferences – Most parents are already scheduled for November! Start preparing your questions regarding your child’s progress! Be on time!
  • Safety drills – Fire, Tornado, Code Red. Franklin had a Code Red today! Read Letter!
  • ESL support – Mr. Moffit did a lively presentation in Spanish about the ESL teacher role. Benjy praised their children and told the parents that it was OK for them to tell their kids, LA LLORONA IS COMING TO GET YOU … if they don’t do their homework!
  • Homework – Read & practice math facts EVERYDAY! Bayview & Neighborhood House offer tutoring. There’s no excuse for not doing homework, even when parents can’t help because there is always a tutor. Most of the Latino students have been assisted in getting a tutor.
  • Is Your Child Well Enough to Come to School? – review of guidelines.
  • Transit safety – parking, dropping off kids, crossinguards.
  • School bus – MMSD contracts Badger Bus Co. Report complaints to Lidia in Spanish. Complaints regarding safety issues at bus stop should be reported to Madison Police, Dept. of Public Safety. All phone numbers provided.

Parents received a packet that included the MMSD calendar, a welcome letter from the principals along with all the information previously mentioned.

After all the school procedures were reviewed we proceeded to answer surveys. Randall parents completed the Student Success Night Survey and Franklin parents answered the Beginning of the Year Events Survey. Results will be shared later.

Afterwards parents were asked to brainstorm and write down topic suggestions for our next meetings. These topics are:

  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Gangs & Drugs in MMSD Middle and High Schools
  3. Transition from Elementary to Middle School, and Middle to High
  4. How to Help Kids with Math
  5. Bullying
  6. Tips for Behavior Management
  7. Neighborhood Safety
  8. Safety on the Bus
  9. Tips for Better Health
  10. Immigration
  11. After School Activities

At the end parents received information about Koats for Kids and were assisted in filling out Thanksgiving Basket request and Empty Stocking forms.

All the parents were happy to be back and engaged with their school!

Yvonne Wullschleger
Bilingual Bi-cultural Resource Specialist
Franklin Elementary
204-2292 204-2295
Randall Elementary
204-3300 204-3285