Latino Parent Meeting Report – September 25, 2018

Families were ready and anxious to connect with us and each other! We had an incredible turnout! We have a few more Latino families this year and it was nice to see the new faces join us!

New families were introduced and Sylla and John gave a very special warm and caring welcome to all. They assured parents their children are safe with us, and told them we are here to help and support in any way we can. Sylla and John advised parents to contact us if they need information on resources or guidance. Parents were praised and encouraged to remain strong, for the sake of their children.

Meeting started with general announcements:

  • Randall’s Student Success Night – flyer handed out and parents encouraged to attend

  • Franklin’s Open Houses – dates handed out and parents encouraged to attend

  • PTO UW Parking Sign-up – PEG (Parent Empowerment Group) Parking date is Saturday, Oct. 20th. Volunteers signed up to help 🙂

  • Randall’s Movie Night – information handed out. Families encouraged to attend

  • Review of Safety items – doors, parking, drills, update emergency contacts. Questions of internet safety came up. Parents want to make sure students will receive instruction on computer safety.  

  • Well Enough to Come to School? – document handed out and parents reminded to let us know of any absence

  • MMSD Calendar – Handed out

  • Field trips – information on scholarships available. Parents advised to fill out MMSD Volunteer Form. Many did it on the spot 🙂

  • Glow-ball Dance – Flyer handed out and parents encouraged to attend

  • MMSD Spanish Radio Show, La Movida – flyer handed out and parents encouraged to listen and call to participate

  • Welcoming Schools – General information regarding this program shared, and reviewed.

  • Homework – Reading and Bridges Math? Information on Bayview Club and S. Park Homework Club at Centro Guadalupe (starting soon).

After announcements Franklin parents filled out the Welcome Back Survey. At the end all parents generated ideas of topics for our next meetings. Some of them are:

  • Discipline at home; setting limits. Invite Celia Huerta to present topic

  • Fire Safety at home. Invite Madison Fire Department to present

  • Information on free after school clubs available

  • What is considered Bullying

  • How to promote healthy eating with our children

  • Computer classes for parents, how to access and navigate programs kids use at school

  • Homework help. Very difficult for parents to help their children

  • Safety classes for students; how to cross streets, safety with bikes

  • How is the gang problem at the middle and high schools?

  • Free activities children can do in the winter

  • Immigration resources; our rights; help parents make a plan

We will address most of these topics in our upcoming meetings.  It was wonderful to see the excitement of the children and the active participation of the parents! We will have no meeting in October due to the Franklin/Randall Open Houses. Our next meeting is November 8th.