Franklin Library Tech News from Ms. Dolan

This month first & second graders added three new rules (#4–6) to our internet safety list:

  1. Ask the adult in charge if you may use the computer.
  2. Only go to sites that are ‘just right’ for you.
  3. Only communicate with people you know.
  4. Do not give anyone your login information.
  5. Do not type personal information into any search box.
  6. When something online makes you feel uncomfortable, remember the S.T.O.P. sign (Stop using the computer until safe, Tell an adult you trust, go Online only when a trusted adult says it’s OK and Play online only with kids who are nice.)

The children also logged into their student Google accounts using login cards this
month. Keep in mind, their school account is for school-related use only. The kids were introduced to Google ‘Docs’ as well as common words for using the Chromebooks i.e.: ‘blinking’ cursor, scrolling (up & down), link, tab, click & drag etc. The kids also are learning to do simple online searches on assigned sites. Last week they made a classroom animal dictionary using Britannica School Online.

Most of the online resources we use are found on my library webpage. Find info and links for the week’s lesson in the top left box. And a reminder – kindergarteners will be learning internet safety curriculum second semester!

Want to access our school online resources at home? Here are some of the Franklin logins you may need:

Happy Learning~